Preparing your Quilt

Prepare the Quilt Top

  • Make sure the top is flat and square. 
  • If  you need help applying your borders so the quilt is flat and square, check out a free handout ("How to Measure and Sew Straight Borders on Your Quilt") available on my "Quilting Tips" page. 
  • Clip loose threads, on the front and the back, and check that all seams are secure and pressed in the desired direction. Dark threads may shadow through light fabrics.
  • Trim any seam allowances that might cause lumps in the quilt.
  • Press  well (don’t “iron”, which can stretch piecing.)
  • If  borders are pieced, stay-stitch within the outside seam allowance  (straight stitch, about 1/8” from the edge) to make sure seams stay secure      during quilting process.
  • If  quilt is directional or has a definite top or bottom, safety-pin a note to the top to make sure designs are placed right side up.
  • No  embellishments, please.  Beads, crystals and the like must be added after quilting

Prepare the Quilt Back

  • Busy prints make good backing choices.
  • Backing must be 6 to 8 inches larger than the quilt top.  The larger the top,  the more margin is needed.
  • Backing must be square and pressed.  Do not include selvages in seams as it can cause puckering.
  • Seamed/ pieced backs must be flat and with  secure seams, just like the top.
  • I recommend 1/2 inch seams in your backing.  Press open for less bulk.
  • Consider pre-washing your backing if other fabrics are pre-washed, or if it is likely to bleed.
  • "Minkie" and "cuddle" fabrics make wonderful quilt backings! But avoid fleece and other knit fabric if it is not stable (not stretchy) in at least one direction.  

Prepare the Batting

  • Batting  must be 6 to 8 inches larger than the quilt top.
  • If  you are supplying your own batting, verify that it is of a type suitable for machine quilting.  Some high-loft or poor quality batting will not be accepted as they will affect the quality of the      quilting. Contact me if you have a question about your batting.
  • Packaged batting can be removed from the bag and fluffed in the dryer to remove      creases.  If pre-shrinking is desired, follow package directions.
  • Fold the batting for shipping if necessary; please do not stuff it back in the bag.

Prepare the Binding

  • If you wish to have your binding attached by machine, prepare your binding of  bias or straight strips (whichever you prefer.)   Strips 2 1/4" to 2 1/2"  inches wide are suggested; seam on the diagonal to measure the perimeter of the quilt plus 12 inches.  Press in half lengthwise.  
  • If  you would like to have your binding cut and sewn for you, include one yard of pressed fabric.  Any extra will be returned to you.  

Deliver to Scandia Quilt Studio

  • In person-- Call or email me for an appointment. If you are in the local area, we will arrange a time and place that is mutually convenient.
  • By mail-- Print and complete the quilt order form.  Pack the top, backing and batting (if you are supplying your own) each folded separately. Use your favorite delivery method (insure if you wish; don’t forget the return address inside and outside of your package.)  Ship  to:  Anne Hurlburt, Scandia Quilt Studio, 14160 236th St N., Scandia, Minnesota 55073.
  • When I receive your quilt, I will contact you to discuss quilting designs and the other details of your order.  You will receive a written, final price quote.   A deposit of 50% of the charges may be requested before quilting is begun, with the balance on delivery.